The Family Church of Jesus
335 West First St.
Reno, NV 89503

Where Now?

Some say we have reached the end of civilization...that we have turned the corner on progress and are heading back to barbarism.  Others think that more progress is possible.  We know only that there have been many efforts to supplant family as the primarily institution in society. The Soviet Union tried removing babies from their mother at the moment of birth and turning their care over to institutional experts.  That did not work.  It produced a nation of alcoholics. America today is trying numerous things designed primarily to give its children family.  But those efforts, from Big Brothers, to Lionism, to Family Home Evenings, to more and more intrusive public and private schools, among many others, are also failing.  America is turning back to barbarism. Because we have forgotten the lessons of Jesus.

Our job then is to restore family and, history tells us, the only sure-fire way to do that is to adopt once again the teachings of Jesus. It seems to us that, read as a song, the sayings of Jesus tell us that fathers are or should be part of a family.  Mothers are not the problem. They are loyal to their families.  The problem is getting fathers back into families. If your family has a husband, or if you think that family can get along just fine without one, this church may not be for you. Our goal is to give every kid a use the teachings of Jesus to reverse the trend towards barbarism, while preserving the rights of all concerned.

The task before us (reestablishing traditional Jesus-era family) is not an easy one.  The first step is not polygamy, but rather the convincing of women to restrict sex to marriage. Though men and women both enjoy sex, according to Sagan, philandering is not generally a female characteristic. The reason given by most women for having sex with more than one partner is more social or legal than physical, something like "We have the right to do whatever men are doing and men are having sex outside of marriage." Allowing men the option of a polygamous marriage may, for some, be enough to cause them to wait.  And convincing women  to stifle their pre-marital sexual exploits may reduce the efforts of men to "get while the getting's good," to, if you will, defer sex to marriage while retaining a reasonable chance of finding at least one modest wife.   These are just a few possibilities.  Only the goal remains clear.

Once family is restored, the rest will take care of itself.  We can again become friends with the Muslims, Jews, Baptists and other religions that require a strong family and believe that there is more to life than consumerism and the acquisition of wealth.  The horribleness of modern life will be ameliorated.  Joy will return.  Simple pleasures will explode in our lives once we recognize that the differences between the sexes are real and that each sex has its own special needs...once we recognize that being equal does not mean being the same.  Let the work load be equal, but let the women do the housework and cook, if they do that best, and let the man do the yard or something else he does best. The goal is equality in companionship and respect, not function.  Let all members have time off to enjoy life, to read or play as fits their disposition. Let all of us do something other than work all the time.  Let us reap the benefits of paying for one house rather than three, two cars rather than five, three meals a day rather than twenty. Let us put the war between the sexes behind us so we can relax and truly enjoy the precious but ever so brief time God has given us on this earth.