The terms here are often political, and not religious. We generally define terms through the husband. A woman who mates for life with one man who does not is still a monogamist, though he is not. If he just occasionally fools around with other women, he is called an adulterer but she is still a monogamist.  If, instead of fooling around, he marries other woman as well, without first divorcing her, they are both said to be practicing polygamy, though she remains monogamist.

"Pandogamy" is simply defined as a society where sexual intercourse between unmarried men and women is common, but polygyny is disallowed, resulting in many homes where the mother lives alone with her children, without a husband for herself and without a father for her children.  It includes serial monogamy.  But pandagomy is broader in scope, as serial monogamy implies that the parties are married at least for a while.  When a woman accepts her second man, she accepts polygamy, something Jesus said was a sin.  To Jesus, polygamy was one polygamous husband with numerous monogamous wives. But we think, were Jesus teaching today, he would be less strict, for today's slate is much different than the slate upon which He wrote. In this church, polygamy is confined to marriage. When "more than one for a long time," is contrasted with the modern "one after another" lifestyle, "more than one for a long time" is almost always better for members of the family.

If happiness is the goal, then women's lib has probably fallen short.  But we are not cows at the salt-lick.  Happiness cannot be the goal of humans. Integrity is a better goal.  But pandogamy is certainly not good for children and just as certainly is not the way of Jesus, for to Jesus, sex was to be avoided (celibacy) unless it occurred in marriage, whether the marriage be monogamist or polygamist.  In Jesus' day, a male and a female were "married" if they shared sex.  This distinguished humans from animals. We add to this only a few simply rules, rules intended keep the progresses made since Jesus spoke.  Rules intended to add to the quality of life, for women, children and men.

Some say that pandogamy may well be the natural way of things.  For example, Karl Sagan and Ann Druyon, at page 195 of their work, Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors, say:

"Nearly all the social mammals are organized as groups of females (often relatives) with their offspring.  Males, otherwise absent, are conspicuously present when the females are in heat.  They may be busy dominating, fighting, or mating, but in terms of basic social structure and the bringing up of the young, they are often a shadowy presence. Usually, the young are raised by single mothers.  Among the exceptions to this rule are chimpanzees, gorillas, gibbons, wild dogs, perhaps wolves.  And, more than occasionally, humans."

This is where this church comes in.  One of Jesus' goals is to keep us from following some of our more basic instincts, while recognizing the power of strive for a better life through an enlightened civilization, where the male is something more than a shadow.