We reserve our honor for God and for Jesus, the Jew.  Jesus, the Son of Man, not Jesus Christ, the Son of God. We reject all the silly fairy tales of the Bible, the Koran, and other such works, except to the extent that they contain lessons for life. Yet it is clear to us that Jesus, Son of Man, is one of the greatest human beings to have ever lived.  Jesus recognized, as Walter Mead says, that "The deepest need of human beings is to have their humanity fulfilled by being recognized as equals by other free women and men."  Yet Jesus also recognized that men and women are not the same.  Unlike Jesus, most churches today blind themselves to this, history's greatest paradox. They sweep the differences under the rug, content to let an ever-increasing number of our children raise themselves, free of traditional family nurture.

When God gives men the right to have babies, then the sexes might be equal.  Until then, they are different. Not better.  Not worse.  Just different.  And the differences are not "opposite" but rather complementary.  The differences explain the two great historical forms of marriage, monogamy and polygamy.  Any stable marriage involves compromise and sacrifice.  In true monogamy, the female stays chaste until marriage and the male stifles his urges to wander after marriage. True monogamy is now almost nowhere to be found, it having been replaced by serial monogamy (one mate after another).  In polygamy, the female gets a stable family unit in which her kids can be safely raised, and the male limits himself to 3 or 4 spouses. Either true monogamy or polygamy can form the basis of a free and responsible people. However, serial monogamy, which has now replaced both, is not well suited to a free and responsible people largely because it does not properly deal with the basic needs of children.  As just one example, a woman with female children who divorces and remarries, will find her daughters reach puberty sooner than they would if she practiced true monogamy (did not divorce).  If she has sons, they are much more likely to seek the security of a gang than if she remained monogamous.

Most churches recognize that those who mate for life are monogamists and that this is good, as children are lifetime products of healthy sex. But few recognize that one who mates with more than one member of the opposite sex is a polygamist, or that the only significant difference between the popular forms of polygamy (polygyny and serial monogamy) is one of timing. Yet no society can call itself healthy unless it reconciles the need we humans have to be recognized as equals within the confines of our strikingly different physical attributes.  The Family Church of Jesus attempts to deal with this paradox by the facially simple expedient of following Jesus. 

The history of polygyny has been the history of men.  Men allowed it and men prohibited it. Often the reasons for or against polygyny were religious.  Often not. The Mormons are said to have used it to advance their numbers.  Suffice it to say that now that women have a say in these things, polygyny's illegality may soon become a thing of the past. We ask far too much of women.  They are as smart or smarter than men and often, perhaps generally, do better in school.  Yet we send them home afterwards, to raise the family child.  Few will dispute that a child is probably best raised by a stay-at-home mom.  But if we think for a moment about the mom and not about the child, we may see better the need for polygyny.  We want our women to educate themselves AND to be stay at home moms for at least the child's formative years. Yet a well educated woman who stays home raising her child may find her well educated mind turning to Jello.  She has no companionship, except the TV and her computer.   She has fewer chores, now that responsible women have only one, outside two, children.  If she had another woman in the home, she would be able to do her duty to her child while also having adult female companionship.

Most citizens have strayed far from the teachings of Jesus and paid a terrible price.  Though we in this church insist upon covenant marriages and church weddings, and strictly forbid pre-marital sex, and sex with minors, we recognize that until the law once again allow us to live as in His day, we cannot practice tradition polygamy. Our marriages are not recognized by the government and it may look down on our simple marriage contracts. But its unlikely that they can draft enforceable laws which can stop us from being lovers and so, for now at least, we are, under the law, boyfriends and girlfriends.